3. Biosecurity 101

February 11, 2019
8:00 am  -  12:00 pm

Ryan Burnette, PhD, Merrick & Company, Greenwood Village, CO
Donald Callihan, PhD, Merrick & Company, Greenwood Village, CO
Kort Dickson, Perdue Farms, Inc., Salisbury, MD
Stephen Goldsmith, DVM, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Washington, DC
Kelsie Judd, Merrick & Company, Greenwood Village, CO
Lauren Richardson, DVM, DACVPM, Merrick & Company, Greenwood Village, CO

The field of biosafety has evolved from a primary focus on biomedical research intended to reduce exposure of laboratory workers, their communities, and the environment to infectious biological risks to supporting the activities of a wide variety of biological, clinical, veterinary, industrial, and diagnostic laboratories around the world. As the threat landscape directed at laboratories and biological assets has changed, the need to secure them from outsider and insider threats has led to creation of a parallel, but distinct, practice of biosecurity. This course is intended to describe biosafety and biosecurity and to define the fundamental differences between the knowledge and analytical skills required of biosafety (risk-based) and biosecurity (threat-based) assessments.


  • Describe the elements of risk-based (biosafety) and threat-based (biosecurity) programs fundamental to implementing a comprehensive biorisk management program
  • Recognize threats and vulnerabilities to consider when protecting laboratory materials from unauthorized access, loss, theft, misuse, diversion, or intentional release
  • Restate and use the five pillars of biosecurity (personnel, transport, material, physical, and information) to recognize gaps and opportunities for biosecurity program improvement

Suggested Background: None

Target Audience: Professionals in biosafety, security, and laboratory management and practice

Audience Level: Basic

Session Category :  2019  Monday  Professional Development Courses