Poster Presentations: Call for Abstracts

Deadline October 15, 2018

ABSA International announces the CALL FOR ABSTRACTS for posters for the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) 5th International Biosafety & Biocontainment Symposium to be held February 11-14, 2019, in Baltimore, Maryland. We are anticipating over 200 attendees and over 30 vendors showcasing the latest biosafety and biocontainment products and services.

ABSA International is pleased to offer funding support to help selected students and young professionals* (see definition at end of announcement) to attend the symposium. The selection will be made by a panel of judges who will evaluate the submitted abstracts and identify the top submissions.

In addition, ABSA International/USDA ARS will present a Student and Young Professional Poster Award* and a Professional Poster Award for the best posters in the categories listed below. The awards will be announced during the reception on Wednesday, February 13th.

The symposium focus is on Biorisk and Facility Challenges in Agriculture. We are looking for abstract submissions for posters to address topics in one of the following four categories (sub-categories comprise examples). From the submitted abstracts, we will select those to be developed into a full poster session, and will notify the individuals accordingly.

  • One Health-Related Issues
    • Topics which identify successes in or challenges to forging critical links related to the interface of animal, human, and environmental health
    • Challenges in breaking down professional silos between public health, Animal health and environmental health
    • Emerging and Re-emerging diseases that can impact people, animals, crops or the environment
    • Global Health Security Initiative
      • Scientific needs and capacity to prevent, detect or respond to natural and designed biological threats
      • Potential for accidental release, theft or illicit use of biological hazards
  • Biorisk Assessment and Management
    • Implementation of a biorisk management system
    • Risk assessment for laboratory, vivarium and field work
    • Facility design and maintenance for improved biorisk management: challenges and solutions
    • Operational and training issues
    • Developing and measuring biosafety safety culture
    • Security and reliability issues surrounding the life sciences
  • Managing Risks of Disease Agents in Agricultural Research and Production Systems
    • Livestock production systems
    • Diagnostic and research facilities (labs, vivariums, greenhouses, quarantine facilities)
    • Disease outbreak response
    • Biosafety and biocontainment in aquaculture
    • Arthropod containment
    • Waste disposal and environmental contamination
  • Occupational/Laboratory Safety Issues
    • Laboratory/occupational illness, treatment and reporting issues
    • Occupational Health and Medical Surveillance issues for life scientists in the lab and field
    • Emergency response
Submit your abstract

The deadline for submission is October 15, 2018. Due to unforeseen delays, those selected for development of a full poster presentation will be notified by December 15, 2018. Please indicate in your submission if you are a student or young professional and provide relevant supporting information documenting your eligibility for this category.

* To qualify for the Student and Young Professional Poster Award, you must be a full-time student working less than 20-hours per week and enrolled in 6 or more credit hours per semester at an accredited institution of higher learning or a young professional whose graduation from his/her institution of higher education occurred less than 36 months before February 11, 2019.